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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeFri Feb 23, 2007 1:28 am

Every forum needs their rules, i don't have many though.

1. No flaming: Do not insult anyone. Show respect for the administrator and moderator, but also for your fellow members.

2. No spamming: I have made a topic where you can spam what you want, but keep it there, anyone who spams outside of that topic, gets a warning, after 2 warnings, you're banned for a couple of days (mostly 3)
Spamming means making unneeded posts outside of a topic or continuesly making new topics in the wrong area, this can be a mistake, but after 3 or 4 times it gets kinda obvious.

3. No impersonating: please do not act as you are the administrator or moderator if you aren't one, if you do this, you'll be banned immediately.

4. no offensive language: Please do not use offensive language, Krinn and I will check topics regularly for offensice language, if you use foul-mouthed language, we will edit your post and warn you, after 3 warnings, you're banned.

5. No adult stuff: Children of any age come here, so please keep it tidy. Once i see a picture of a woman (or man) in revealing outfit, you will be banned for 5 days.

6. No advertising: Do not advertise to other websites, unless its for requested resources, or if i allow it.

7. No copyright infriguements: don't put up anything what is copyrighted (for example: anime episodes you DIDNT make)

That is all, please follow these rules (or at least try to) and have a good time Very Happy

~ Keyamon king

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